Selling Your Home As-Is

Have you inquired with other Realtors about selling your home in As-Is condition? Did those agents refuse to help?

I find that agents are selective on almost everything they do. Instead of helping the seller, they put themselves first. I wish I was joking.
This was brought to my attention recently when an inquiring seller asked me if I sold as-is and told me that they couldn’t seem to find anyone who did.

It’s true. I do and will sell your home in As-Is condition, no warranties or repairs! I work with investors, several of them, that are looking for homes in As-Is condition. 99% of them pay cash and close in less than 20 days.

If you are selling your home in As-Is condition, chances are it’s not in the same condition as the home that was recently remodeled in excellent condition. My buyers will take your home with all the problems included. The price will be at Market Value for a home in As-Is condition. If priced right, we may even get more! That’s what happened to me on my Almond ave. in Monrovia.


To make it even better, I will sell your home for 4% commission.

I will sell your home, with out the head ache and save you money!

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