Open Houses: A Double Edge Sword

I’ve read many posts about how Open Houses aren’t the same as they were years ago. Yes, this is very true. Most home buyers now find real estate online. However, open houses are great for finding the right buyer for your home. How?


Nothing beats seeing a home in person instead of just online. Active home buyers who are eagerly looking will be going from home to home on a Sunday looking for their dream home.

This was the case for my home on Willowglen in Duarte. It was the 4th or 5th open house we had had. Many of the visitors from weeks before were just browsing, or the home had features that didn’t work for that buyer. It was a mild November Sunday when an agent pulled up, followed by his buyers. We had just opened. My sellers hadn’t even left yet. The agent and the buyers walked in. The agent had informed me that our home wasn’t on their list for the today, but they saw our signs and decided to stop by anyways. 45 minutes later I knew they were our buyers. Sure enough later that evening I had an offer in my inbox.

If I hadn’t been doing open houses, they would have never stopped by and we would have never sold the home (Ok maybe we would have, but it would have taken longer)

  • Yes, agents use open houses as a way to get clients, but they serve two purposes.
  • Yes, open houses will get your home sold! It may take several weekends, but persistence is key!

That is the double edge sword for homeowners. Know that at an open house an agent will be trying to gain leads, but they will also be showing your home to your future buyer!