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Ashley Howie is dedicated to making your transaction a smooth and happy experience. She’s on call 24/7 and ready to work for you.

Ashley specializes in the areas from San Gabriel Valley, to the Inland Empire and Orange County. No house is ever to far for her.

Ashley Howie - Agent with Homequest Real Estate

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Before we found Ashley Howie our various dealings with realtors who we approached in addition to those who approached us had been, in the simplest of terms, “fruitless”. In all, we can now confidently say that these were very unproductive and frankly unnerving experiences. There were realtors who had attempted to compel us to pump more of our limited funds into our home to ease the “burden” of marketing the property for us as well as those who simply lacked the ability to listen and understand our circumstances so as to hopefully modify their selling approach to suit our needs. Honestly, it was the differences in Ashley’s approach, personality and work demeanor that initially drew us as sellers to her, it was the qualities which she possessed that allowed us to put our faith in her marketing ability and thus choose her as the first, last, and only representative of our property. In writing this review I am so happy to say that my trust was not in vain. We sold our house within four days of the initial listing and although these might have been some of the most turbulent days in my life as there seemed to be an unending procession of prospective buyers at my door I am glad that Ashley was there to help guide me through this stormy time in my life. I cannot begin to express my gratitude to her for everything that she has done for me. Thank you, Ashley.

Lorna B.

Covina, CA

I met Ashley at the Covina Farmer’s Market. Ashley Howie is the definition of AWESOME and EXCELLENT. Ashley was available 24/7 and provided information that not only educated me, but also assisted me with my purchase. Ashley located to home of my dream at a wonderful price. She is definitely the agent to use for your next home purchase. The customer service element was the best…

Joseph Winston

Fontana, CA

I’ve been looking at homes in the San Gabriel Valley and found the experience totally overwhelming until I got in touch with Ashley. She’s friendly, straightforward and pragmatic. She gets the area, understands the market and was able to give me results within my budget. The homes she displayed were gorgeous. Great layout, knew the history of each place from top to bottom. Made me feel instantly comfortable, and we are currently negotiating. I look forward to moving in soon, I feel like I’m buying from family here.

Kyle Green

Pasadena, CA