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Los Angeles Real Estate Market Report

It’s a Buyers Market. It’s a Sellers Market… Wait Can That be True?

Through out the years you’ve probably heard the terms “It’s a buyers market.” Or when inventory is low “It’s a sellers market.” But what if I were to tell you that right now it is both a buyers and sellers market. Wait, what? The interest rates as of today, April…Read More→

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Which Home Loan Is Right For You?

When it comes to home buying, picking the right loan is very important. Every loan out there has different pros and cons. The infographic below lays out the loans in a simplified way. Conventional Home Loans: These loans have the lowest rates. Your credit must be excellent. You will need…Read More→

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First Time Buyer Check List

  It’s time. You’ve decided that you are now in a place in life where buying a home is the next step. You’ve saved up money. Your credit score is excellent. You’re ready for the next step. So where do you start? What is the first step to finding the…Read More→

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Escrow and Home Buying

As discussed in the previous posts about Escrow, we learned that it is a very important part of the real estate process. But what exactly does escrow mean for the home buyer? Escrow as a buyer is in a way, is most important. The escrow officer will be working with…Read More→

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