It Pays to Sell with a Real Estate Agent [INFOGRAPHIC]

It Pays to Sell with a Real Estate Agent [INFOGRAPHIC] | MyKCM

Some Highlights

  • Today, it’s more important than ever to have an expert you trust to guide you as you sell your house.
  • Sell with a real estate agent and net more of your hard earned equity.
  • From your safety throughout the process to the complexity of negotiating the deal, you need a professional on your side.
  • Before you decide to take on the challenge of selling your house on your own, let’s connect to discuss your options.

Can You Negotiate Real Estate Agent Commission?

Absolutely! Traditional real estate fees can be 6-7%, but agent’s like Ashley Howie offer a discount in commission not service. With technology today, the old rate of 6% is high. Much of what agents do today can be done digitally. 

Working with a lower commission real estate agent can save you on average 40% in realtor fees. 

Ashley Howie is a local realtor serving all of Southern California at the low commission rate of 4% Total Commission. You get a full service realtor for less than 6% commission rate. 

How Does The Lower Commission Rate Work?

Typical real estate commission can be split 2-2.5% for the buyer’s agent and 2-4% for the listing agent. Traditional realtors that charge more, may offer incentives to justify the increase on the listing side. Bottomline is that even professional photos and 3D tours do not cost enough to justify that price differnce. 

With 4% Total Commission, we split it 2% for the Buyer’s Agent and 2% for the Listing Agent. We have seen no delays or issues with buyer’s agent showing our homes even with this split. 2% is very standard on the CRMLS. 

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It’s free to get started with Ashley’s Team. There are no upfront fees. You pay nothing until your home closes. On top of a great commission rate, you can get started today with $0. Sell your home and save thousands in commissions. Why should you pay 6%?

Sell Your Home For 4% Total Commission

A low cost way to sell your home without compromising on service

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