Low Commission Real Estate Agents

Low Commission Real Estate Agents

Low Commission Real Estate Agent is a great way for homeowners to sell their home in Southern California without paying the high fees.

Traditional real estate fees can be 6-7%. Low commission real estate agents offer a range of discounted real estate fees for sellers.

Working with a lower commission real estate agent can save you on average 40% in realtor fees. 

Ashley Howie is a local realtor serving all of Southern California at the low commission rate of 4% Total Commission.

Below we detail how low commission real estates work, how they can differ from traditional realtors, and how you can save on commission.


Low Commission Real Estate Agent. Full Service.

A low cost way to sell your home without compromising on service

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Why Go With A Low Commission Realtor?

There are plenty of different services you can chose to work with. However many of these companies will give you the run around without any guarantee of a successful realtor.

With Ashley, you know you’re getting a Top Rated Local Realtor for less. While other realtors can charge you 6%, Ashley only charges 4% Total Commission. 

The industry has changed. Technology is king. Ashley has automated much of the old process from listing appointments, signing documents, negotiation and even buyer showings. She feels the 4% is the new 6% and is justified by the simplification technology has brought. 

How Does The 4% Total Commission Work?


Typical real estate commission can be split 2-2.5% for the buyer’s agent and 2-4% for the listing agent. Traditional realtors that charge more, may offer incentives to justify the increase on the listing side. Bottomline is that even professional photos and 3D tours do not cost enough to justify that price differnce. 

With 4% Total Commission, we split it 2% for the Buyer’s Agent and 2% for the Listing Agent. We have seen no delays or issues with buyer’s agent showing our homes even with this split. 2% is very standard on the CRMLS. 

Our list to escrow time period varies, but typically our homes sell with 14-25 days from the time they hit the market. Further proving the 2% doesn’t affect buyer agent showings. 

Low Commission Real Estate Agents VS. Traditional Realtors

Ashley Howie, 4% Realtor

Working with a Low Commission Real Estate Agent doesn’t mean a discount in service- it means saving you thousands in commissions. Ashley offers all the full service offerings that traditional 6% agents do, at a lower commission rate. 

When you work with Ashley, you get the best of both worlds: full service and support from a top-rated agent for a significantly reduced commission fee. Ashley only charges 2% to list your home and 2% for the buyer’s agent. That’s 4% Total Commission with full service included. No additional fees. No upfront costs. 

The results speak for themselves: Ashley has saved seller’s an average of $8,500 in commissions per transaction — and gets them offers 25% faster. Sound too good to be true? We know, but there are no strings attached. Just savings. Lots of savings.


How Much Will You Save?

Unlike other discount realtors or programs, we don’t just take photos on a camera and put up a sign. We take the time, care and dedication to getting your home sold that it deserves. We use today’s technology, social media and trends to find buyers for your home.

When you list with Ashley Howie, you’ll get all of the expert guidance, support, and exposure needed to sell your home quickly, and for top dollar.

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