4 Tips to Sell Your Home Faster

4 Tips to Sell Your Home Faster | MyKCM

4 Tips to Sell Your Home Faster

Typically in June, we see an increase in the inventory of homes for sale month per month. Every spring and summer, the inventory increases because people want to sell their home. For those with children, they may want to be in their new home for the beginning of the school year.

If you are one of those sellers, you may find these 4 tips helpful in getting your home sold more quickly.

1. Make buyers feel at home

Declutter your home! Pack away all personal items like pictures, awards, and sentimental belongings. Make them feel like they belong in this house! According to the Profile of Home Staging by the National Association of Realtors,

“83% of buyers’ agents said staging a home made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home.”

Not only will your house spend less time on the market, but the same report mentioned that,

“One-quarter of buyers’ agents said that staging a home increased the dollar value offered between 1 – 5%, compared to other similar homes on the market that were not staged.”

My team has relisted homes that sat on the market for months. What did we do? We worked with the homeowner and dressed their home for success. Decluttering and removing furniture/items that aren’t used every day can increase the attention a home gets on the market, yielding the potential for higher offers. There are times I find this process more valuable than some upgrades a homeowner can put into their home… and best of all… It’s FREE!

2. Keep it organized

Since you took the time to declutter, keep it organized! Before the buyers show up, pick up toys, make the bed, and put away clean dishes. It is also a good idea to put out some cookies fresh from the oven or a scented candle. Buyers will remember the smell of your home! But be careful not to use too much scent. Otherwise buyers will wonder what a seller is hiding behind those fragrances. 

According to the same report, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms to stage in order to attract more buyers. Keep it simple. Don’t over do a room. Keep counter tops clear and dresser tops empty. 

3. Give buyers full access

One of the top four elements when selling your home is access! If your home is available anytime, that opens up more opportunity to find a buyer right away. Some buyers, especially those relocating, don’t have much time available. If they cannot get into the house, they will move on to the next one. 

This is an important factor. Having a difficult schedule or tenant who can make showings difficult can change the value of the home. If excited buyers want to see the home but can’t, they’ll move on to the next. So if you have a tenant that could cause these issues be sure to work it out with them in advanced or have the home empty before listing. While I know it can be an uneasy idea, a vacant home can sell faster and for more because of the ease of showings and giving buyers full access.

4. Price it right

As we mentioned at the beginning, more inventory coming into the market guarantees there will be some competition when you sell your home. You want to make sure your home is noticed. The key to selling your house is ensuring it is Priced to Sell Immediately (PTSI). That way, your home will be seen by the greatest amount of buyers and will sell at a great price before more competition comes to market!

Bottom Line

If you want to sell your house in the least amount of time at the best price with as little hassle as possible, a local real estate professional is a useful guide. If you’re ready to get the process started, call Ashley today! 626-824-6988.

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