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Los Angeles Real Estate Market Report

It’s a Buyers Market. It’s a Sellers Market… Wait Can That be True?

Through out the years you’ve probably heard the terms “It’s a buyers market.” Or when inventory is low “It’s a sellers market.” But what if I were to tell you that right now it is both a buyers and sellers market. Wait, what? The interest rates as of today, April…Read More→

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December Home Sales and Price Report for 2015

December home sales in California were up just about 10% from November. Home prices in December had risen on average 2% from November and over 8% from December 2014! Even with the increase in interest rates, home sales are up. This is great news for homeowners! Below is a press…Read More→

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  I get this question often. Sellers want the most they can get for their home, but no two homes are alike. The home next door just sold for 620K. It was recently remodeled, two stories, and with a pool. Now the seller next door thinks, “great! we can get…Read More→

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